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PSACI Create Your Career is an education consultancy and training company that seeks to support students from around the world to pursue their higher education and training. Intending to provide more opportunities for every student, our company is at the forefront of helping institutions produce world-class professionals who are competitive and outstanding in their chosen fields.


We’re also extending more support through catering CPD programs and seminars that will help you earn CPD units; and online courses under various programs: Short Courses, Junior High School, Senior High School, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorate degree. As the workforce continues to evolve, we believe that with these services, our people will help them thrive with their careers. 


Speaking of services, there’s actually a lot more options for you here in PSACI Create Your Career. If you wish to build your career in the Philippines, we will be happy to assist you with our ‘STUDY Philippines’ program together with its number one key tool — Edu-Tourism Campaign. If you want to be edgy while immersing yourself in a different culture and different lifestyle of education, you can go ahead with our ‘STUDY Abroad’ program. For those who want to take a huge step in their life, deciding to work in another country — specifically in Australia — in hopes of being a Permanent Resident to have a better future, our ‘Migrate in Australia’ program could be the answer. Lastly, there is also a way to level up your career and skills just by staying at home, ‘YOKUJI Online Language School’ is there to host LIVE online classes with language-proficient mentors. 


Here at PSACI Create Your Career, we provide meaningful ways to boost your career.



PSACI Create Your Career 

commits itself on producing and helping competent and competitive students, and learners around the world in pursuit of their goals in life as they dive in deeper on understanding the responsibilities of being a productive citizen of their own countries.



To provide an opportunity for academe-industry partnership approach. To help the country in its education service sector export road map initiatives. 




Backed with our Filipino heritage, we will welcome you in our country like family. The Filipino hospitality is known around the world; giving you the best of what we have, which will include a comfortable and well-tested on-shore assistance so that living in the Philippines will be as comfortable as it can be.


Driven by our unending pursuit for excellence, we make sure that students who avail of our services maximize the program we offer through an in-depth and secured procedure—from course selection, university selection, board & lodging assistance and more.


We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity in every culture and we are one with the world’s efforts to create sustainable and sincere relationship with every ethnicity and religious background.