We believe that Edu-Tourism Campaign is the number one key tool of the country for it to be known by other countries in the world.

In helpful views, hospitable and beautiful people, conveniently low cost and budget-friendly itineraries are the factors why most of the foreign investors as well visitors get attracted to choose Philippines.

Philippine tourism surely is vital for the country’s economy as well. Dedicated and committed to achieving our mission and goal to help students to become competitive and world-class professionals in their field.

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Transnational Education (TNE) is one of the emerging features that provides internationally recognized education in which they offer courses and programs from a certain institution based in one country and will be introduced to students in another country. This feature was fully adapted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in 2018 to level up the Philippine higher education. This will also serve as a tool to achieve career goals in a foreign environment. 


PSACI Create Your Career would like to highlight Transnational Education as a program that can be offered online abroad. We could also offer Twinning Programs which is a collaborative arrangement between one institution in the Philippines and renowned institutions overseas. These programs are designed to allow students to study a portion of their chosen courses in their own country and then transfer to another country to complete their studies. However, these will only depend on the discussions of both universities. In addition to this, they also have to consider on which country they are planning to study in.


These features could give a quality assurance when it comes to career development; will increase internationally mobility and collaboration in its higher education sector.